Prolystica® Ultra Concentrate Lubricant - 5 Liters (1.32 Gal.)


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Prolystica® Ultra Concentrate Lubricant, 5 Liters(1.32 Gallons) Expiration: Dec. 2023

Prolystica Ultra Concentrate Lubricant is a concentrated, non-silicone-based surgical instrument and medical device lubricant. It is specifically formulated for automated cleaning, which includes hospital washer/disinfector units and automated mechanical washers. This ultra-concentrated lubricant helps to extend the life of the instruments and increase equipment uptime.

How Prolystica Ultra Concentrate Lubricant Works

Instrument lubricant is used on clean surgical instruments prior to terminal sterilization. Used in automated washer/disinfectors it is automatically dispensed at appropriate dosage depending on water quality and application. Prolystica Ultra Concentrate Instrument Lubricant should be the last step in the cleaning processing before drying, packaging and sterilization.

Why Prolystica Ultra Concentrate Lubricant?

  • Non-silicone-based formula does not interfere with steam or ethylene oxide sterilization.
  • Compatible with stainless steel, plastics, and most soft metals, including aluminum.
  • Regular use of this product keeps surgical instruments operating freely and easily to reduce repair and replacement costs.
  • Excellent lubricating ability helps extend instrument life and keeps surgical instruments operating smoothly
  • Non-silicone-based formula does not interfere with steam or ethylene oxide sterilization
  • 10X ultra concentrate lubricant offers more uses per container with less inventory and safer lifting for staff